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Teaching activities:

BSc level courses in Computer Science

COMP-112 Software Development Lab I   (Course Outline in pdf  format)/Fall 2010
COMP-113 PROGRAMMING II    (Course Outline in pdf  format)/Fall 2012
COMP-255 PROGRAMMING II    (Course Outline in pdf  format)/Fall 2009
COMP-358 NETWORKS AND DATA COMMUNICATION  (Course Outline in pdf  format)/ Spring 2013-4 or Blended/E-Learning here
COMP-470 Internet Technologies  (Course Outline in pdf   /Spring 2012-2014/ or Blended/E-Learning here
COMP-212 OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING   (Course Outline in  pdf  format)  /Fall 2012-4
COMP-455 OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING  (Course Outline in  pdf  format)/Fall 2009

MSc level courses (Please as of Fall 2013, refer to the moodle's server for all courses' material)

    § COMP-513 Computer Networks and Web Technologies (MSc Major Required)

Dr. Mavromoustakis offers also courses in the MSc in CS concentration: Mobile Systems hosting the following courses:

   §  COURSE CODE/NAME: COMP-525 Mobile Computing (MSc level course/10 ECTS)

   §  COURSE CODE/NAME: COMP-528 Mobile Platforms and Software Development (MSc level course/10 ECTS)

   §  COURSE CODE/NAME: COMP- 531   Mobile and Wireless Networks (MSc level course/10 ECTS)


Last update: June 2022