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March 2022 Update: One post-Doc level position and one research associate position+one senior research associate position (in case you are interested a first come first served basis will be followed, reach me by email). Positions in pdf Deadline is end of March 2022

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Call for Applications -- PhD students positions 


Prospective students (can be from any country or state) are invited to apply for a Ph.D. degree at the Mobile Systems Laboratory (MoSys Lab) [ ], which is under the Computer Science Department at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus engaged in the design, development and evaluation of mobile networks, including sensor networks (WSNs), MANETs, VANETs, and MP2P programmable implementations. The following areas of interest from which a PhD proposal may derive, are as follows:

Mobile systems and wireless technologies;

Cyber-physical systems;

Computer communications and Internet technologies;

Internet of Things (IoT);

Mobile machine-to-machine (M2M) and Wearable Computing and related technologies;

Applications and case studies of M2M communications and IoT; ecosystems/IoT/MP2M/M2M/D2D Management (Device management evolutions, self-coordinated and autonomous management, service harmonization etc.);

Interconnection of IoT with social network environments (Multimedia transmission, Big data transfer);

Modeling of Mobile hybrid systems (including metaheuristic scheduling techniques and spatiotemporal scheduling techniques);

Performance evaluation of high Real-Time OS scheduler for performance Mobile computing systems;

Mobile Cloud Systems and related testbeds;

Mobile Cloud and IoT smart resource management;

Modeling and simulation of mobile computing environments;

Design of hybrid networking environments composed of operational systems and real time simulation models;

Developing new environmental and node mobility detection protocols;

IoT in Smart Ambient Systems and environments;

Mobile Big Data;

5G mobile networks;

Cognitive Radio Systems;

Green wireless communications;

Fog mobile computing;

Social Internet of Things;

Software-defined networking;

Ambient Assisted Living systems;

Multimedia and interactive technologies;

Reconfigurable wireless technologies;

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) mechanisms;

Mobile peer-to-peer schemes;

Energy-aware sensor systems.

Please take a look at some key publications below:

A fog-based emergency system for smart enhanced living environments

A cooperative watchdog system to detect misbehavior nodes in vehicular delay-tolerant networks


Interested applicants should first contact Dr. Constandinos Mavromoustakis before applying online at  and cc’ing .

Conditions for applications:
There is a specific process, for a PhD applicant that should be followed, in order to be further considered. Please consider to take a look at the specific admission requirements at:

Completed (or just about to be completed) M.Sc. degree, or equivalent, in the area of computer and information sciences;