MSWiM 2013 

The workshop will take place on the 7th of November 2013 at 9:30 (link to the Technical program)

2nd ACM Workshop on

“High Performance Mobile Opportunistic Systems”

HP-MOSys 2013 

To be held in conjunction with

The 16th ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis
and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems

In cooperation with R8 IEEE Computer Society C16

Description of workshop

Opportunistic networks are an emerging networking paradigm where communication between the source and destination occurs on-the-fly and depends on the availability of communication links.Opportunistic communication paradigm heavily benefits from the heterogeneous networking and communication infrastructure that currently exist, e.g., mobile networks, P2P networks, with the supporting technologies in data management and system interoperability.

Motivated by further examining recent advances in this field and promoting the optimization of the existing methodologies and/or approaches, as well as presenting efficient high performance techniques for extending the survivability of such systems, both in terms of performance and reliability, we are interested in organizing this workshop with the following primary objectives:

§   Explore new and innovative ideas and improvements of opportunistic networks that can affect the overall performance of the system;

§   Explore the impact of wireless mobility and resource management in order to offer high performance and resource availability in today’s computing systems.

 The workshop also aims at presenting state-of-the-art research and future trends in mobile and heterogeneous opportunistic networking and applications, combining the mobile communication, mobility and resource management field, and in a research pathway in order to present the various concepts that contribute to enable high performance computing.

Original research contributions in all areas of High performance Mobile Opportunistic Systems and/or applications are welcome.

Particularly the papers aim to present work in the following topical areas (not limited to):

         Failure-aware resource management for high-availability computing in opportunistic systems

         Agent-based approaches for high performance computing systems

         Coordinated control for Mobile high-availability computing

         Resource management and efficient resource manipulation

         Resource availability for high performance and reliability computing

         System resource reliability and dependable computing

         Self-Managing and Reconfigurable System

         Context-aware computing for high performance

         Distributed Mobile Opportunistic systems and Networking

         Mobile Urban Sensing and Crowdsensing

         Cloud Computing for high-availability computing

         Performance Evaluation of computing systems

         Resource management in Clusters and Grids

         Opportunistic, Delay-tolerant and Hybrid Networks

         Mobility models for opportunistic networks

         Novel Architectures, supporting Middleware, Prototypes and Testbeds

         Dissemination and Caching in Opportunistic Networks

         Social-aware Opportunistic Networking

         Security, Trust, Privacy and Cooperation in Opportunistic Networks

         Analysis of Opportunistic Protocols

         Any Mobile Opportunistic Networks technology for the provision of reliable applications/ services and high-performance computing

         Systems’ Modeling and Simulation for measuring and enabling high-performance Mobile Opportunistic systems

         Large Scale Mobile Opportunistic Systems and schemes for high-performance computing

         Middleware(s) for high-performance computing in Mobile Opportunistic systems

         Opportunistic social networking for disaster and emergency situations, Mobile Opportunistic healthcare in remote regions

         Distributed architectures for system reliability and Self-configurable Computing

         Wireless systems’ simulation based Performance Analysis

Important Dates

Full paper due July 6th, 2013
Acceptance notification July 18th, 2013
Camera ready due August 18th, 2013
Speaker Author Registration see
Symposium November 3d - 7th, 2013 - Jointly with MSWiM'13